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4 Activities to Take Part in While On a Safari in Africa

Posted on | May 29, 2016 | No Comments

It does not matter which country in Africa you plan to visit. There are a whole lot of exercises to take part in. Most people would prefer to get acquainted with the locals and try out the local delicacies. It all depends on what inspires you and what you like doing. Remember that you are on a short notice in Africa before you embark on your normal chores back at home. In that case, you have to make every moment count, and that means getting in there and doing what it takes.

You can climb hills or walk with the locals as they go on about their business. Some of the activities locals can be involved in are herding, hunting, and fetching water and firewood. They also hold rituals about their culture where you can get a front row seat to witness it all. At this moment, you need to have a camera with you taking a snap of every bit of it. How you spend you time on an African safari will be determined by how adventurous you are. The activities to be involved in while in Africa on a safari include among them:

Horse riding

Most horse rides will be at the wild national parks. Here, you will find multiple horses where you can rid one to view the lions and cheetahs while they are in their cages. It gives you the thrill of having to stare at the lion while you are on a horse. The horses are well-trained for that purpose. You can enjoy an African safari full of such rides in the park.

Mountain climbing

It starts very early in the morning. It will involve a team of mountain climbers who will be there to offer support to the foreigners. You can sign up for mountain climbing and participate in a rather vigorous exercise. Apart from it being been fun, you can use it as a way to test your skills and brag about it later when you get home. You will be a protective mountain climbing gear to protect you from falling. It may sound scary, but it is also fun and thrilling.

Biking in the rough terrain

If you love riding a bike, then you will love conquering the harsh terrain while on an African safari. Although tiring, you will have fun while biking on the mountains and slopes. Such activities will involve a group of people to help encourage one another. You can explore and discover new regions and attractions in the wild. When on a bike rid, you can take stops in some of the local stores or markets to buy a few things such as local snacks and foods.

Riding in a hot air balloon

It offers a perfect view of the wild. Balloon rides are prestigious, and most people would pay a dime to ride on such balloons. You can view from above the plains such as the Mara in East Africa or the Namib Desert in Namibia. It provides the ultimate view of what Africa has to offer regarding the natural features. Although expensive, the feeling is magical.


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