Things to Do in Kranj

Kranj is a lovely destination in Slovenia that a lot of travelers usually overlooked. What tourists don?t realize is that this quaint city has got so many things in store for its visitors. If you ever find yourself in this part of the country, here are some activities that you shouldn?t miss out:

Explore the Tunnels of Old Town Kranj

About 1,300 meters of manmade tunnels can be found under Old Town?s city streets. Constructed in 1994 during the Second World War, the tunnels were meant to offer the citizens the much needed shelter in the event of aerial bombings. Equipped with electricity, benches, and small toilet chambers, the tunnels have enough room for 6,000 residents.

Tunnels under the old town Kranj

Even though the city was not directly targeted during the way, there were drills carried out every day to let people practice preparing their food, water, and blankets and get inside the tunnels. It was in 2007 when debris in the tunnels was removed to turn the place into a historic attraction and exploring the area is one of the best things you can do while in the city. 

Enjoy International and Traditional Slovenian Cuisine 

Although the dining options in the area were a bit limited, they make up for this in quality and variety. No travel will be complete if you don?t get to taste local specialties or try the dishes in family-run restaurants featuring international fare. Well, you can definitely try both while in Kranj. 

Kranjska sausage
Kranjska sausage is traditional Slovenian dish

There are restaurants in the area offering homemade traditional Slovenian dishes like locally made Kranjska sausage. Make sure that you also grab a bite of cevapcici, a famous regional fare all the way from Bosnia. The dish is composed of highly addictive minced-meat sausages served in bread. 

If your tummy is craving for American burgers, don?t worry because you can also enjoy gourmet burgers during your stay in the city. 

Get a Sip of Locally Produced Craft Beer 

The craft beer scene of Slovenia is in full swing and a revolution is taking place right in this city. There are several bars in the area where you can find better tasting brew. The most famous local beer joint of the place doesn?t only have an extensive array of locally produced wine and beer because they also got a large patio or terrace perfect for some outdoor relaxation. 

Join the Local Community Events

Even though the city is not the biggest one in the county, they boast of a schedule filled with all sorts of events. From culinary happenings, to outdoor films screenings, to art exhibitions, you will never run out of choices here when it comes to community events. You can check with their Tourist Information Center in advance to know more about the current events taking place in the city during the time of your visit. 

Tour of Kranj, Capital of the Slovenian Alps

Be Amazed with Slovenia Art Scene

Artists seem to be attracted to Kranj for a reason and today, you can find several museums and galleries dotting the area, including Layer House, an urban cultural art center that features art exhibitions, and artist in residence program, and even a café. 

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