Slovenia holidays ? Postojna cave

Postojna cave, in Slovenian language called “Postojnska jama” is second greatest Slovenian tourist attraction (first place belongs to Bled). Postojna cave is a name for a system of caves, typical for unique Slovenian landscape called Karst (Kras). The caves were hollowed out by the river Pivka. Postojna cave is with its 20.570 m also the longest cave system known in Slovenia and the most visited tourist cave in Europe. Postojna cave was opened to the public in 1819.

Postojna cave is important because of the special natural environment, giving home to the endemic olm, the largest trogloditic amphibian in the world (In Slovenian language it is called ?Človeška ribica?, which in direct translation means ?human fish?).

Postojna cave - drapery stalactites

It is time to focus on the tourist side of Postojna cave. You are probably wondering, how it looks like when you come to Postojna cave. Considering its length (20.570 m), you may think your sightseeing might look like very long underground hike. Don?t worry! The whole Postojna cave is not opened to the public and the part that is opened to the public has an underground train, driving you around the cave. So, you will just sit and enjoy, listen to the tourist guide informing you about many important details about the cave.

So, by now you are probably asking your self ?Is the Postojna cave the right place for me to visit on my Slovenia holidays??. I believe it is, because it is an experience you won?t forget (train ride, unique water made sculptures, olm, ?).

But, you must know that Postojna cave system is only one part of 8500 Slovenian caves. So, if you don?t want to pay (let face it) high price for visiting Postojna cave, you can still see other Slovenian caves. They aren?t as long as Postojna cave (but many of them are longer than you can walk in one day) and train won?t drive you around, but they are beautiful and they will reveal you many secrets about Karst.

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