Slovenia coast – Seven most beautiful Slovenian seaside spots part II.

  • December 16, 2009

In my previous article I described three out of seven most beautiful Slovenian seaside spots. In part II. it?s time for other four ones.

4.) Strunjan

Next spot moving from north to south is Strunjan. It?s famous for attractive Strunjan cliffs. Strunjan cliffs are part of Strunjan Nature reserve, also famous for being the highest flysch cliffs at the Adriatic Sea.  Strunjan cliffs look like this:


As you may notice, there isn?t much space between the sea and the cliff, but there is enough space for many wild beaches, appropriate for naturists as well. Strunjan also has one big settled beach, but they unfortunately charge entry.

Another thing worth-seeing in Strunjan is so called ?Strunjan hill? (recognizable by a paved road). Slightly below the top of the hill is a church, dedicated to Mary, mother of God, and on the top of the hill famous Strunjan cross. From the top of the hill it?s possible to see cliffs, and there is also a path, leading to the sea (reachable only on foot).

Strunjan has its own thermal spa as well in case you want to swim in winter.

5.) Piran

Visit of Piran is recommendable especially because of its remarkable architecture. Piran is a typical seaside town with architecture, typical of towns in Istria. It is also the most crowded city on Slovenian coast.

On your Slovenia holidays, you will probably want to see ?Piran walls?, Marina in Piran and Tartini square in the center of Piran (the most famous one of eight squares in Piran). Piran offers great entertainment as well ? many festivals take place in Piran. The most famous church in Piran is St. George church (?cerkev Sv. Jurija?).


St. George church in Piran

Piran also has its own beach in the town center and some in the surroundings.

6.) Portorož

Portorož is the most tourist attractive town on the Slovenian coast. It has beautiful promenade by the sea (recently renewed) and some very luxurious hotels. Portorož even has its own airport, which offers tourists sightseeing flights. Despite the fact that Portorož is getting more and more sophisticated, there is still a camp in Lucija, settlement just an arm length away from Portorož. There is a big town beach in Portorož with very fine sand.

Portorož also has a big marina and quite many casinos.

I definitely recommend taking an evening walk in Portorož, but I must warn you that prices in Portorož are higher than in other seaside towns in Slovenia (but are still lower than in Nice or Dubrovnik). In the summer time traffic in Portorož (and in other parts of Slovenian seaside) can be quite heavy, especially at weekends.

7.) Sečovlje

Sečovlje is a settlement near Croatian border, famous for salt works (salt producing territory). Sečovlje is worth visiting because you can take a tour around Sečovlje Saline Nature Park (SSNP), where you can see the whole process of salt production.

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