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Things to Do in Kranj

  • March 5, 2022

Kranj is a lovely destination in Slovenia that a lot of travelers usually overlooked. What tourists don?t realize is that this quaint city has got so many things in store for its visitors. If you ever find yourself in this part of the country, here are some activities that you shouldn?t miss out:…


Where Italy meets Slovenia and Austria

  • March 23, 2021

And already, the title should make you guess that we are talking about mountains. As far as we are concerned, one of the most beautiful places on the Italian border, the Monte Santo di Lussari, a mountain 1789 meters above sea level, and the Julian Alps’ pearl, the Cima del Cacciatore, with its 2200 meters of height. We have many reasons to love this place, ranging from the stories that characterize the territory to the boundless green we can enjoy in peace.…


Explore and Discover Things to Adore in Maribor

  • October 31, 2020

The second city of Slovenia, Maribor is a fascinating old town known for its interesting wine culture and natural resources that remain untouched despite being near all the hustle and bustle of city life. If you are looking for an interesting destination that is still waiting to be explored and discovered, this Slovenian city is the best place to be. 

The mountain city of Maribor is nestled in Eastern Alps and boasts of an extensive heritage in winemaking. This place has a lot of exciting and thrilling things to offer to its guests whatever your preferences might be. 

If you …


Want to go canyoning – Bled is the perfect destination

  • April 19, 2018

Bled is a super popular destination for local and global tourists and it really has a lot to offer. You can enjoy the beautiful lake with an island, pleasant walks around the lake, you can take a boat to the island in the middle of the lake or enjoy the hotels and famous cuisine of the region. But there is another perspective of Bled and its surroundings where you can release some of the adrenaline during your stay. It is called canyoning Bled has it covered. There are several providers for the activity, but you really should choose Altitude activities


Climbing mount Triglav will take you through beautiful nature

  • February 5, 2018

People hike and climb mountains for different reasons and climbing mount Triglav definitely provides the lot. Some do it because of the peace and quiet, others are concentrating on reaching the summit and achieving the final goal of ascending a mountain. Some people enjoy the animal life, others prefer to enjoy the flora that is undisturbed and not ruined by human activities that are concentrated in the lowlands with all the industry. Slovenia is a beautiful country with many pristine natural and unspoilt habitats, and the experience of climbing mt Triglav is definitely one of the possibilities to enjoy nature


Top 5 Unique Destinations for a Holiday

  • May 19, 2016

Planning to go on a holiday but tired of the same old tourist-filled areas that you?re bound to end up in? While some of the best destinations in the world are popular for good reason, there are still many unique hidden gems that make for a great holiday ? minus the crowds.

If you?d like a new experience that will give you a glimpse into a very different world from the one that you?re used to, here are the top 5 unique destinations that you should be planning to visit:…


Postojna cave

  • May 16, 2011

This breath taking cave has taken more than 31 million visitors (That makes this cave the most visited cave in the history of mankind.) in the last 185 years or so. It was the first cave that was opened to the public, only the first part of the cave was opened in 1945 but it still is the longest accessible cave system in the world.…


Ljubljana – capital of Slovenia

  • May 13, 2011

Ljubljana population is about 280,000, it might be a small number considering that this is the capital of Slovenia, but this little place would really blow you out of your mind for what it has could be a lot more than what a big city could give you. The beauty of this small, cafĂ© cultured, quiet, metropolitan with medieval castles are just a few words to explain this treasured place. There is more than enough entertainment here. Cool and hip pubs, concerts of famous celebrities, restaurants that could offer the 40 cuisines that this country has… Just name it! One …


Bled holidays ? Why is Bled called paradise on earth?

  • February 23, 2011

Bled is a village in north-western part of Slovenia. It is well known by the lake with the same name (Lake Bled). The lake is special because of a beautiful island on it. That is why many people say it?s like heaven ? beautiful lake with clean water all around you, you (possibly with people you love) driving on your boat, looking at an island with beautiful church and a cloudless sky above you if you are lucky.…