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Dear Traveler,

Welcome on Sloveniaholidays.org!

The main intention of my website (blog Slovenia) is to give you first hand information about Slovenia and Slovenia holidays.

My first reason for making this site is because I believe many of you don’t know much about Slovenia simply because there aren’t enough sources from which you could learn about Slovenia. Slovenia has a lot to offer, but tourist agencies don’t do much to promote it and many people even in our neighboring countries don’t know where Slovenia is – for example, many people in southern Italy don’t know what is Slovenia (Italy borders on Slovenia). This is the reason for lack of tourist resources about Slovenia and the problem is that even tourists who decide to visit Slovenia may have problems when choosing sights worth to see in Slovenia, considering their wishes and interests.

My second reason for making this site is the fact that even one country is well tourist-developed, tourist guides for this country may not include some worth seeing spots that are not highly tourist-developed, because no one remembers to mention them in tourist guides. I didn’t read all tourist guides about Slovenia, but I have seen a lot of beautiful places in Slovenia and I want to present each one of them to you, so you can see them as well.

But when I’m writing my articles about Slovenia holidays I have one problem – I don’t know what you would like to know and the easiest solution is that you tell me what you are interested in. So, if you came on this webpage looking for an answer and you didn’t find one, please, send me an e-mail with your problem and I will try to help you.

Enjoy your trip!

The editor of Sloveniaholidays.org

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