Slovenia holidays


MICE Tourism – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions

  • August 25, 2020


Business tourism is a major part of tourism in the world. And the MICE tourism is all about business tourism. This is an acronym for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions. Any business activity related to the above categories would come under the umbrella of MICE. Let?s have a detailed look inside all these categories. …


Become an eagle, try Zipline dolinka in Bled

  • September 27, 2019

Zipline dolinka in Bled is an adventurous outdoor experience, one of the ultimate, adrenaline filled, half day sport activities. It offers some unforgettable views that can be admired from a series of ziplines. So why don’t you join us and try something new and exciting. Check and be amazed by the beauty and thrill of the Zipline dolinka in Bled.

You will fly high above treetops and the Sava Dolinka River and admire beautiful views of the surrounding hills and mountains in the background. It is an experience that it is not possible to describe, you must try it. …


Queen of the Underground World: The Postojna Cave

  • September 18, 2019

In the heart of the green pearl of Europe, The Republic of Slovenia, there exists an underground, fascinating subterranean paradise: the Postojna Cave.  The breath-taking Postojna Cave system is a series of the cavern, halls, and passages which are about 24km long. The cave was carved by the Pivka River some two million years ago.

Postojna Cave is the only place on the surface of Earth where you can see the most astonishing Brilliant in the cave formation form; can meet the baby dragon; see the towering mountains, murmuring rivers, and vast subterranean halls. It is a real and …


Want to go canyoning – Bled is the perfect destination

  • April 19, 2018

Bled is a super popular destination for local and global tourists and it really has a lot to offer. You can enjoy the beautiful lake with an island, pleasant walks around the lake, you can take a boat to the island in the middle of the lake or enjoy the hotels and famous cuisine of the region. But there is another perspective of Bled and its surroundings where you can release some of the adrenaline during your stay. It is called canyoning Bled has it covered. There are several providers for the activity, but you really should choose Altitude activities


Accommodation in Ljubljana

  • August 21, 2015

Accommodation in Ljubljana comes in many varieties based on budget options, cozy hotels as well as youth hostels to family run bed and breakfast and guest houses with the personal touch of the owner. There are about 20 hostels in Ljubljana city from budget hotels to luxury ones offering a good overall standard at affordable prices.…


Biggest attractions in Slovenia

  • October 11, 2014

This holiday season don’t drench your adventure stricken soul to a bedroom but to Slovenia. The country is diverse and beautiful and visiting it would definitely rejuvenate your worked up muscles and senses. If one needs to mention the biggest attractions in Slovenia then the first place has to be the country’s ravishing capital, Ljubljana. The cosmopolitan city encompasses various castles, museums, roadside eateries and riversides cafes. The atmosphere there is so enchanting that you might not like to leave the city, at all.…


Travel to Slovenia experiencing the Rich Heritage of Tradition and Nature

  • June 20, 2014

The Central European Alpine destination, Slovenia presents a rich spectrum of traditional and natural heritage to the explorer. Visit the magnificient Rocking Land where the Karst landscape is a space straight out of fairy tales. Visit the Alps at one end and the Adriatic coast at the other. Make a wish at the magical island in Lake Bled after ringing the bell. You can also take an amazing trip to the oldest vine of the world at Maribor. …


One of the Best Cafes in Ljubljana

  • April 18, 2014

Slovenia has many delectable cuisine choices, especially in Ljubljana. Many new and exciting cafes have opened up, though none may be better than an eatery called Cacao, a restaurant that is known for its delicious coffee and desserts.…


Aljaž tower is a great site to visit!

  • March 27, 2014

Not merely the country’s highest hill, Triglav is also Slovenia’s national symbol. Its familiar three-way peak could be seen on every little thing from Slovenian euro coins to the national coat-of-arms. On the leading of Triglav, at an elevation of 2864 meters or 9396 feet, stands the Alja?? Tower. Exactly what may initially look merely like a steel refuge for mountaineers has, over the previous 118 years, likewise pertained to symbolize Slovenia’s nationhood.…