Thermana Laško Spa Resort is Your Ultimate Relaxation Destination

Thermana Laško spa resort known for its relaxing thermal water is one of Slovenia?s not-so-hidden treasures. The spa resort offers high-quality relaxation experiences to support a healthier lifestyle for its visitors. It also boasts one-of-a-kind healing for those with movement issues and those who want to prevent such problems. 

The spa hotel and restaurant are all in the small, idyllic town of Laško. Thanks to its unique location, it is an ideal point to kickstart your discovery and exploration of Slovenia. Going for a walk around the area will also give you an insight into the fascinating history of the Slovenes and the country. 

How Do You Get to Thermana Laško Spa Resort?

Thermana Resort is situated right in the center of the town beside the Savinja River. Laško itself is located in the heart of the spa region of Slovenia. 

You do not need to worry about the spa resort?s location since it has almost anything and everything you need and want on the site. 

Thermana Laško spa resort for everything you need
Thermana Laško spa resort has everything you need on the site.
Image source: Thermana Laško

Those who arrive by car can take advantage of the available free parking. The train station is also just a stone?s throw away if you ever arrive by train from Ljubljana to Laško. 

The Check-in Process 

Once you enter the threshold, you will be greeted by the building’s majestic staircase that seems to welcome and invite guests inside. Many couples have even taken their wedding photos in this favorite location. 

Thermana Laško spa resort lobby staircase
The building?s majestic staircase welcomes and invites guests inside and is a great location for wedding photos.
Image source: Thermana Laško

But you don?t have to tie the knot to enjoy and appreciate the area. You can also capture photos here that you can share on your social media accounts. If you want to up the ante of your social media posts, don?t miss the chance to take a photo with the Instagrammable bridge that links the hotel to one side of the Savinja River. 

The staff on the site will be more than happy to welcome you during the check-in process and give you an overview of the facilities and their location. You can also ask them to book you for a brewery tour in the town, an excursion that is equally interesting in and of itself. 

Each area has its designated reception, and the staff will direct you to the correct area if you need more details regarding the wellness center, saunas, pools, and massages. 

Guest Rooms 

Every guest room in the Thermana Laško spa resort is cozily fitted with all the facilities and amenities you can ever request. It also features a balcony that opens to a view of the river or the mountain. There is also a mini bar with fairly priced products, which is rare to find right now. 

Thermana Laško spa resort cozy room
Thermana Laško spa resort has cozily fitted rooms with all the facilities and amenities you can ever request. It also features a balcony that opens to a view of the river or the mountain.
Image source: Thermana Laško

Apart from the fast and reliable WiFi all over the hotel, it?s also possible to connect without leaving the comforts of your room. With all the hotel’s facilities, there is also very little chance that you get to spend more time inside the guest room. Of course, when you want to stay inside your room, cable channels in English are available on the flat-screen TV. 

En Suite Bathrooms 

The hotel?s en suite bathrooms are worth mentioning in addition to all its stellar facilities.

  • The bathrooms are also modern, with a huge mirror and a walk-in shower.
  • You can also enjoy using the vanity mirror and hairdryer.
  • The soap and shampoo come in large dispensers so you do not need to worry that you will run out of supply during your stay. 

Thermal Pools 

The outdoor pool with its relaxing thermal water is undoubtedly the best and most notable feature of Thermana Laško spa resort. If your visit falls on a winter month and the outdoors looks cold and dark, you will fall in love with the amazing experience that the thermal pools can offer. 

thermal pools with relaxing thermal water
You will fall in love with the amazing experience that the thermal pools with relaxing thermal water can offer.
Image source: Thermana Laško

However, even if you visit in a summer month when it is hot and warm outside, you can expect the experience to be equally memorable. In case you don?t know, it has already been proven and tested that thermal water is perfect for your skin and general health. 

You can also enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools wherein one pool features a water chute that is a favorite among families with children. 

Spa and Massage 

Different types and massages are also available in the spa resort, with some therapists recruited directly from Thailand. In addition to the massages, there are also spa and bath options. 

You can also pamper yourself with waxing, body scrub, facials, body detox, hand care, and more. The sauna center has different sauna options available as well. 


Modern hotels are great accommodation options at the spa resort, namely Hotel Wellness Park Laško and Hotel Zdravilišce Laško. 

Restaurants and Bars 

Thermana Spa Resort also specializes in sumptuous gastronomical delights. During your stay, you can look forward to enjoying meticulously prepared meals that are guaranteed to satisfy your palate. Thermana always makes it a point to host special gastronomy for occasions and events such as reunions, business meetings, weddings, and more. 

With their dedicated and outstanding work, Thermana also bagged several European culinary medals. You can also treat yourself to carefully prepared dishes in the different hotel restaurants. 

Other Amenities and Facilities 

Thermana Laško has congress halls and modern rooms for business gatherings, meetings, conferences, congresses, seminars, lectures, and other social events. 

Numerous medical treatments and wellness programs are also available based on the thermal water of Thermana. These medical programs include specific clinic treatments, rehabilitation, prevention, and basic treatments. 

The therapeutic pool of Hotel Zdravilišče Laško in Thermana Laško spa resort

Thermana Laško spa resort is no doubt one of the best destinations in Slovenia if you need some relaxation. Located right in the heart of the spa region of the country, this wellness hotel is a must-visit for all families, couples, and solo travelers.

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