Biggest attractions in Slovenia

This holiday season don’t drench your adventure stricken soul to a bedroom but to Slovenia. The country is diverse and beautiful and visiting it would definitely rejuvenate your worked up muscles and senses. If one needs to mention the biggest attractions in Slovenia then the first place has to be the country’s ravishing capital, Ljubljana. The cosmopolitan city encompasses various castles, museums, roadside eateries and riversides cafes. The atmosphere there is so enchanting that you might not like to leave the city, at all.

But make sure you do, because if not then you won’t be able to other equally exciting places like Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. The area in and around the lakes is simply hypnotic and awe inspiring. The buildings, the mountains, the lakes, it seems like all lie picture perfectly, fitting in to an indelible memory from your past, just like some striking postcard. It is located on the edge of the Alps and the Triglav National Park, making the place just not beautiful but also wildly natural.


Do you remember a ski resort named Kranjska Gora? Yes, you guessed it right; it is the same ski resort which has been hosting various big world cup events within its never ending, overspread precincts. Unless some kind of event is going on, the ski field welcomes the common man all throughout the year, learn, play, hit and enjoy. Sure you can never spend a better time anywhere else on earth. The place has to be a heaven.

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