Travel to Slovenia experiencing the Rich Heritage of Tradition and Nature

The Central European Alpine destination, Slovenia presents a rich spectrum of traditional and natural heritage to the explorer. Visit the magnificient Rocking Land where the Karst landscape is a space straight out of fairy tales. Visit the Alps at one end and the Adriatic coast at the other. Make a wish at the magical island in Lake Bled after ringing the bell. You can also take an amazing trip to the oldest vine of the world at Maribor.

The urban destinations such as Primorska & Notranjska, Stajerska & Koroska, Ljubjana, Gorenjska, Maribor, Piran, and Koper take travelers to majestic cities where history lives in full glory. You must travel to Slovenia keeping sufficient time at hand. The exploration of the European treasure trove should take some time. Make it a point to include the following highlights in your Slovenia travel plan.

  • The virgin forests of Kocevska: Visit the Virgin forests to lose yourself to the endless unpolluted mystery of the trees. Leopold Hufnagel established the forest economic plan around the Gotenica village at round 1888-1892. The plan explicitly forbade any economic use of the forest resources. The rich forest sprawls with an amazing richness of flora and fauna. Mark the forest in your travel map Slovenia. You can find fine guided tours taking you to the depths of the forest without losing their way.
  • Architectural heritage at major cities: Slovenia travel presents an exciting opportunity to combine the urban with the natural. The majestic architectural heritage of the major cities creates numerous wonderful picture-postcard moments. The castles, open-air museums, palaces, and manor houses hold the continuity of history in their walls. Celje?s old castle, the Bled castle, the Ljubjana castle, and the Predjama castle must include in your itinerary. Visit the villages to feel the centuries old traditions telling their stories. Also, make it a point to visit the open air museums in Rogatec and at the Pleterje carthusian monastery.
  • The Karst dreamland: Take a trip to the fantasy world of fairies and dragons at the Karst valley between the Vipavska valley and the Trieste bay. The valley houses thousands of caves where water of centuries creates natural architecture with the fusible stones. There are more than 8000 known caves of this phenomena, and you can find disappearing lakes, swallow holes, intermittent springs, and dry sinkholes in this magically dangerous land. You have to find a good Slovenia travel service for a guided tour. The Vilenica cave, the Planinska Jama cave, and the cave under the Predjama castle present an unforgettable experience to visitors.
  • The Lake Bled Island: The country has only one island, and it is a magical place. Located in the middle of the Alpine Lake Bled, the island has the Church of St. Mary. This is also the place famously known in the ancient land as the abode of goddess Ziva, the deity of love and fertility. Legends say, ringing the island bell fulfills your wishes in the most amazing manner.

There are other amazing destinations to visit when you travel to Slovenia. Visit the oldest grapevine of the world in Maribor where 400 year the old vine house welcomes visitors to enter the original temple of Viniculture. Set up a good travel itinerary to Slovenia in exploring the fascinating country to the fullest.

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