MICE Tourism – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions


Business tourism is a major part of tourism in the world. And the MICE tourism is all about business tourism. This is an acronym for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions. Any business activity related to the above categories would come under the umbrella of MICE. Let?s have a detailed look inside all these categories. 


The meeting is coming together with a number of people for a particular activity, which can be one-give gathering or recurring with regular intervals. The examples of the meeting are the Board of Directors Annual Meeting.

The meeting is coming together with a number of people for a particular activity


 Incentive refers to a reward form a company to its employees for their previous performance. It is comparatively a harder component of the MICE travel. It doesn’t usually have a business purpose. Rather it is more of a non-business vacation. Its aim is to motivate them as a gift


Conferences are held for discussions, fact-finding, problem solving and consultations. Therefore, conference travel involves organizing itineraries, meetings, and events for people from the same profession or field.

Conferences are held for discussions, fact-finding, problem solving and consultations.


 The exhibition is a display of products or services of a company.  Companies organize big expos to showcase their products and services. Such expos and other exhibitions are also part of MICE.

MICE Industry

The MICE Is a newly coined term but the business activities related to this sector are as old as the business itself is. The increasing scope of this field gave birth to a new industry called MICE industry. This industry refers to a travel agency business which facilitates the MICE Tourism. It is a specialized niche of group travels dedicated to planning, booking, and facilitation Conferences, seminars, and other business events. This is also known is the event industry or meeting industry in some areas. Whatever name you give it, this industry is the fastest-growing segment of the economy, generating millions of revenues for the countries. The total MICE market is in excess of US$ 270 billion and accounts for about 1% of the world GDP. 

 The exhibition is a display of products or services of a company. 

Facilities Provided by MICE Industry

Although the facilitation varies with the purpose of the tour. And there would be different types of location, different technical assistance, different recreational facilities for every genre of the tour belonging to the category. For instance, let it be the general requirements, It would be more of a recreational type for the incentive tours. The conferences will need more gadget supports than the meetings. And exhibitions would need a larger accommodative destination. But there are few things which a MICE agent would always take cares of.

1. Ideal Destinations 

The MICE Agents are in the pursuit to provide the best destination according to the nature of the business tours. The destinations should have all the necessary facilities like security, Wi-Fi, projection media, easy medical access and nearby recreational points like clubs, pools, etc. The size of the destination is the first thing to be considered. Conferences need comparatively big halls with projectors, cameras, and mikes, etc. meetings are held in small halls as the meeting groups are usually smaller. The exhibitions need huge buildings. Again, their size may vary according to the goods exhibited. The destination for the incentive tours is completely different. They may need hotel rooms or in rare conditions, the employees are rewarded with a trip to really exotic places like the island resorts. MICE agencies are supposed to deal with the bookings, facilities, and food provision here.

2. Itinerary 

The route arrangements are also tackled by the MICE Agents. Traveling documents and requirements, the arrangement of suitable vehicles, trains, planes or RVs, everything is managed by the MICE tourism agencies. Few agencies manage to take care of the documents for international tours. They offer the services of insurance of the events and attendees.

3. Invitations

The MICE tourism agencies offer the facility to invite the people in the exhibitions and conferences. This is done through mass media advertisements or through personal invitations. In different cases, the invitation cards are published and dispatched. The billboards, television ads, and email services are used for the purpose. This makes really easy for the businessman to conduct a large-scale event.

4. Fabulous Locations

Only destination building is not important. MICE agents pay special attention to the overall location and its features. They consider the cultural atmosphere, potential experiences, off-site excursions, and unforgettable dining possibilities. After the session of setting on the soulless seating, the delegates want to experience day beds spread in the olive groves, or an old cellar used as a shelter as in the WWII era setup, or a view of magnificent sunset at a rooftop.

5. The Ease of Using Apps

In the corporate sector, the value of the app has increased tremendously. MICE agencies try to use apps like Meeting Play to sort out their RVSP and registration issues. Such apps also provide a platform for attendees to catch up.

6. Event Planning

The agents are responsible to plan the events. The order of events and programs are well-planed and the information is disseminated to the attendees in time. They are provided with adequate time to sink in the knowledge, networking, and reaching the venues.

7. Other Services

The MICE agents are responsible to provide healthy menu options, access to gyms, mineral water bottles, club entrance passes, wi-fi services, yoga classes and fresh outdoor air for the delegates.


The growing business activities have caused the emergence of an entirely new industry. Which is now fetching millions of dollars by facilitating these activities. All the MICE tourism industries are successful if they are organizing the events at most attractive locations, with fabulous surroundings, unforgettable foods and drinks, business gifts, technology facilitation and outdoor recreational activities like gyms memberships, club and cinema passes and swimming pools, etc. if you are a businessman and want to organize a MICE trip, consider all the above mentioned facilities provided by the agents. And if you want to start a business in the industry, make sure to provide all the above facilities at your best to establish a mark in the field.

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