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My previous article was about family friendly thermal spas. But, not all of you are planning to visit Slovenia Terme with your family. Maybe you are traveling by your self or with partner, friend, brother, sister or someone else and your main reason for visiting thermal spas isn?t fun, but just relaxation. I will describe some major thermal spas in Slovenia that will be appropriate for you.

Dolenjske toplice – one of the oldest thermal spas in Europe

Dolenjske toplice are situated in the pleasant environment of vineyard overgrown valley of the river Krka. Thermal water is slightly mineralized with temperature similar to the temperature of human body and appropriate for rheumatic illnesses of the locomotive system treatment, gynecological illnesses treatment, conditions after surgeries on the locomotive system with functional disorder treatment and osteoporosis treatment.

But that isn?t all. Owing to the location, Dolenjske toplice are appropriate for hiking, walking and excursions, combined with swimming in the pools. Animation programs are available every day.
Nearby spots worth seeing: Kostanjevica na Krki (beautiful town), Krka river valley, Novo mesto (the biggest city in Dolenjska region), Kočevski Rog (hunting area), Pleterje (with Carthusian monastery, famous for their unique home made products ? wine, honey, ?) and Otočec Castle (only castle on an island in Slovenia).
For more information about Dolenjske toplice, visit their website.

Terme Radenci – Refreshment in a relaxed environment

Terme Radenci (we could say Radenci Health Center as well), beautiful Slovenia terme in northeastern part of Slovenia (region Prekmurje), surrounded by vineyards, fields and enriched with the river Mura, is famous for wide variety of therapies such as cure of kidney disfunction and metabolic disorder, postoperative heart and vascular illnesses and many more.

Terme Radenci also offers great accommodation in one of hotels, magnificent wellness and many sport facilities.

Enjoy Ultimate Wellness in Slovenian Spas

Village Radenci is also famous for Radenska, which is Slovenian mineral water with Three Hearts symbol. It has healing effect and is a very good drink (if you like mineral waters, you should try Radenska on your Slovenia holidays).

More information about Terme Radenci is available here.

Terme Banovci – the only thermal water camp for nudists in Europe

Thermal water in Banovci is an acknowledged natural healing substance. With its 60 °C ? 68 °C it?s most appropriate for injuries, illnesses and post-operative signs related to bone, joint and muscle problems.
2000 m2 of water surface is available to their guests.

The most important thing here is many possibilities for recreation. Besides swimming, you can enjoy on your bicycle discovering hidden parts of Prekmurje. If you don?t like cycling (cycling is Prekmurje is easy, because Prekmurje is a lowland region), you can take a walk on one of many beautiful hills Prekmurje offers. Terme Banovci is famous for their sauna, a perfect way for body and mind relaxation.

Safety Tips for Spas and Swimming Pools for Children

Terme Banovci are also appropriate for nudists who want to visit Slovenia Terme. They are famous for their naturist campsite called ?Sončni gaj? (?Sunny Grove?). The naturist part of the camp was renewed recently and has new wellness with whirlpool and underwater massages.

Click here to get more information about Terme Banovci.

Terme Laško – Brewery only an arm length away

Laško thermal spa is situated near the confluence of rivers Savinja and Rečica in eastern Slovenia (Štajerska region). 2200 m2 of water surfaces is available to their guests with indoor and outdoor pools. The magnificent glass dome includes the pool with waves, three whirpool baths, Kneipp area (with river gravel bottom), children?s water entertainment park, recreation massage pool, fast river, and water slide complex.

Sauna center and wellness spa center are also the reason why so many guests visiting Slovenia terme decide to visit Laško every year (for example they are masters of some unique techniques of performing stone therapy, clinical aromatherapy, Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage and Shiatsu).

But, when you are in Laško, you must not miss one thing ? Laško brewery, the oldest Slovenian brewery. Laško brewery is one of two leading beer producer in Slovenia and is present in foreign markets as well. It is my favorite Slovenian beer, I suggest you try it.

Visit Terme Laško website for more information.

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