Slovenia terme – Three best Slovenian thermal spas for families

Enjoying the water is one of many relaxation and adventure possibilities in Slovenia. Slovenia terme are perfect for those of you who don?t like crowded coast or want something more than just water (sauna, toboggans, wellness, ?). Slovenia has 16 thermal spas, but they aren?t all the same. Some of them are more appropriate for people who want peace and relaxation, other ones are more family friendly, owing to facilities, more interesting for kids and teenagers, combined with relaxation facilities for their parents. In this article I will concentrate on three of them, in my opinion the most family friendly ones.

Terme Čatež

Čatež thermal spa can be found in eastern Slovenia in the town ?Čatež ob Savi? near Brežice, only few kilometers from highway Ljubljana-Zagreb and also very close to Croatian border and Croatian capital city Zagreb.

The name Čatež derives from a legend about half human half billy-goat. Good springs were always found at places he was seen. His name was Čatež and he was also seen at the place where we can find Čatež thermal spa. In winter season Čatež can be seen in thermal spa, where he entertains children.
Čatež thermal spa (Terme Čatež) is the most popular thermal spa in Slovenia and, in my opinion, also the best choice for families. It is also the largest health resort in Slovenia. They offer everything you can imagine. There is a camp nearby for those who don?t like staying in apartments, children can play in special pools with low water and smaller toboggans, teenagers can enjoy many different toboggans – some of them can be quite adrenaline, especially the new one (built in 2008).

Čatež thermal spa has summer and winter pools, which means you can enjoy outside in summertime. For information about working hours and prices look here.

Terme Olimia

Olima thermal spa (Terme Olimia) is located in Podčetrtek, little town in eastern Slovenia (above Brežice), accessible from the motorway Ljubljana-Maribor (exit Dramlje and then about 30km drive to Podčetrtek). Olimia thermal spa is situated in the middle of beautiful nature, offering many possibilities for hiking and outdoor activities which is great for tourists visiting Slovenia terme with intention to exercise.

They are especially famous for their wellness and a wide range of therapies, such as curing skin diseases, inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism and many other modern health problems. Your kids won?t be disappointed either ? summer pools are offering interesting toboggans.

Another interesting thing in Podčetrtek is chocolate factory with a tourist store and Podčetrtek castle. Podčetrtek is famous for apothecary and monastery as well. St. Mary church (baroque style) is an attraction for pilgrims on and around 15th of August.

Prices and more information available here.

Terme 3000

Terme 3000 or Moravske toplice are located in Prekmurje, northeastern part of Slovenia near Murska Sobota (the biggest city in Prekmurje) and are easily accessible from motorway Maribor – Murska Sobota. They are known for having the hottest water at source among Slovenia terme (72 degrees Celsius). The spring was discovered in 1960 as a consequence of an oil search. Terme 3000 are also famous for the golf course (Prekmurje is the only flat part of Slovenia and therefore more appropriate for golf courses).

Unique black water spring is another specialty in Terme 3000, known for its rheumatic and skin diseases, blood circulation and lung ailment. You will be able to bath in black water in special pool with this kind of water. Be careful and don?t stay in there too long (water is very hot and completely natural and therefore isn?t filtered, which may cause problems if you are more sensitive type).

For kids and teenagers it?s taken care with toboggans, offering great fun (before Čatež was renewed, they were my favorite ones).

Click here for prices, opening and other information.

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