5 Must see tourist destinations in Slovenia

  • December 23, 2013

There are many fantastic holiday destinations throughout the world, but one special undiscovered location is Slovenia. It has many unique sites to see, here are 5 of the secret must see sites you should visit:

1. Postojna Caves

These are a network of interconnecting passages over 20 kilometres in length. Professional guides take visitors into the largest cave the ?classic karst? and is the most visited cave within Europe. In 1872 electricity lines were laid and powered trains and lights allowed visitors to view the amazing rock formations inside. Current tours last 90 minutes and they have translated information in 15 different languages.

2. Museum at Bled castle

Bled Castle, Slovenia.

Bled Castle, Slovenia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The museum shows clients a the history of the castle by having different rooms decorated to show the settlement culture through different eras. One of the star displays is a 6th century peacock shaped brooch that was found at Pristava.

3. The Flower Park

Mozirski gaj is a park of flowers where you will see thousands of different flowers in a wide variety of colours in bloom in the summer months. It also contains some historical buildings that showcase the regions past including a farm house, a corn loft cottage, a mill and a blacksmith?s shop.

4. Celje Old Castle

This historical site is of the remains of the castle, it is on a hill top, owned by various noblemen throughout history including the Celje Counts.
The castle has unusual triple defence walls and wide moats. It is the largest medieval castle in the territory.

5. The thermal Springs.

With natural spring water coming to the surface at 32-37 degrees Celsius, you can bath outdoors natural springs. A whole health spa industry has built up to offer the latest spa treatments that you ca sample in various locations throughout the Country.

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I hope that these tips help you to plan a fantastic trip to Slovenia.

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