Lakes and rivers of Slovenia

  • December 15, 2013

Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled

Both glacial lakes in the heart of the Triglav National forest bordered by the ragged ranges of the Julian Alps are the most effective learnt about and most checked out areas in Slovenia. There’re some many things to se and do around both lakes that we believed they should have different pages within the site.

My perfect getaway area features crystal clear lake on the surface of which wild, forresetd chain of mountains reflect, a mini island with a church or fortress would be the icing on the cake. And guess just what Lake Bled has it all! Find out more concerning tourist attractions and things to do around Lake Hemorrhaged.

Lake Bled

Lake Bohinj (Bohinjsko jezero) tucked between Hill Vogel and Mt Prsivec is Slovenia’s inmost and largest lake and it’s a lot less touristy compared to Lake Hemorrhaged. So if you intend to have a shore trip with all the attractions and tasks a lake provides yet you likewise wish peacefullness compared to moving towards Lake Bohinj in Slovenia.

Cerknica Lake – Slovenia’s Organic Mystery

Cerknica Lake (Cerknisko jezero) is a temporary karstic lake when it’s full its size exceeds that of Lake Bohinj’s. The lake’s water begins to decrease at the end of springtime and eventually an industry (polje) is left behind which loads back after rainy durations in autumn or during spring season thaw.

Throughout reduced water level the surface area strethches on 20 square kilometres which enhances to 30 square kilometres when there’s more water in the lake.

Cerknica Lake

The drying a is a scientific enigma which has been difficult researchers for centuries. However Cerknica is not simply for scientists its all-natural queerness attract travelers also.

The lake provides house to a variety of fishes and a is nesting location for birds which makes it and excellent place for instructional expeditions in addition to angling, hiking, cycling around the lake and the opportunity to seek many water sports. Wild duck and other wildlife entice seekers throughout the globe. Review much more on scouting in Slovenia.

Zelenice Lake

This tiny turqoise lake hinges on the northwest edge of Slovenia in between two mountain towns Ratece and Podkoren. The lake which develops into a marsh to the eastern shelters some uncommon highland marsh plants and animals.

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