Weather in Slovenia: Three main climate zones of Slovenia

  • February 22, 2011

Weather in Slovenia is not as simple as you might think considering the fact that Slovenia isn?t a big country. That is why I?m going to inform you about some aspects of weather that might help you while traveling.

First of all, mostly because of landscape variety, weather is different in different landscapes of Slovenia, which means that seaside has different climate than only 30 km distant Karst. And of course, Karst has different climate that 60 km distant Ljubljana. And so on. So I will describe each climate separately.

Mediterranean climate in the West

Mediterranean climate is typical of Primorska region, the region including the seaside and practically all the western part of Slovenia. It has very hot summers and mild winters. The main problem of this climate is a short-term but very strong wind called ?burja?, blowing up to 100 km/h. It can blow all over the year, but most commonly blows in winter (so don?t worry if you are planning Slovenia holidays in summer). Snow isn?t very common in areas with Mediterranean climate (especially not at the seaside).

Weather in Slovenia

Lake Bled The Gorenjska Region Karawanken Slovenia

Continental climate in central and eastern Slovenia

Typical of continental climate are hot summers and cold winters. Because of proximity to mountains, central Slovenia has much more rainfall than eastern Slovenia (1300 mm in Ljubljana vs. 800 mm in Murska Sobota). Most precipitation falls in spring and autumn. In wintertime snow is common. In summers rain showers can surprise you in the afternoon. Unfortunately, hail is getting more and more common.

Severe alpine climate in mountain regions

In Slovenian mountains weather can cause you many problems. Typical of alpine climate in Slovenia are very cold winters and cool summers. A lot of snow falls in winter, and in some areas snow remains until the next winter. Despite climate changes, Slovenia still has its own glacier. In summer, rain is frequent and can be quite strong.


When planning your Slovenia holidays it is very important to look the weather forecast and select suitable clothes, appropriate for the area you are planning to visit. Although Slovenia isn?t like England (it doesn?t rain all the time), umbrella might be useful because when it rains it usually rains heavily. Because of the wind, wind jacket can also be useful. Do not forget to take your hiking shoes if you are planning to visit Slovenian mountains, because the rain there is more frequent and paths can be slippery.

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