Ljubljana – 5 tips on using the taxi service in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, as Slovenian capital city, has quite many taxi services, but unfortunately not all of them are worth your money. In this article I will describe some tips how to choose your taxi service in Ljubljana in order to save money and avoid difficulties.

1.)    It’s better to call taxi than to stop it on the street

You might think that this is strange, but it is cheaper in many cases to call a taxi and wait for it (I admit, it?s strange, because taxi has fewer expenses if it is already where you are). But, in Ljubljana, many taxi services have two rates (tariffs) and if you stop a taxi on the street they usually charge the higher one. So, if you have time, I suggest you call a taxi rather than stop one on the street. If you are in a hurry, take into the consideration my next piece of advice.

2.)    Always ask for the price

When you sit in the cab (if you stop a taxi on the street or if you choose one parked along the road) or when you are talking on the phone with dispatcher (if you are ordering taxi), always tell where you are and where you are going and then ask how much will that cost you. If the price seems too high, leave the cab or say goodbye to dispatcher and find another taxi. The reason for doing this is that many drivers might think you are na?ve (because you are tourist) and might charge you more than they should. In order to avoid that it is necessary to determine the price in advance.

Normal price for a taxi in Ljubljana is around 1? for the start (the static price regardless of mileage) + from 0.6? – 1? for every kilometer of the way. The normal price for waiting hour is about 13?.

3.)    Require a bill

The best and the easiest way to avoid illegal taxis is to inform the driver that you want a bill before the drive starts. There aren?t many illegal taxis in Ljubljana, but you never know (especially if you stop a taxi on the street ? if you call one the chances of getting illegal one are close to zero).

4.)    Ask for the driver that knows English

That pretty much says it all. When you call to order a taxi, ask for the driver that knows English in order to avoid problem with communications. Almost every driver knows English basics, so you probably won?t have problems with that.

5.)    Tip only if you are content with the drive

Taxi drivers like tips, but they aren?t offended if you don?t give it. So, if you want to tell your taxi driver that you liked the drive, tell him that you were pleased with the service and give some tip if you want. Don?t give tips just because you think it?s polite.

The list of major taxi services in Ljubljana with phone numbers:

Taxi Metro: +386 (0)80 11 90
Taxi Zvezda: +386 (0)51 809 908
Taxi Laguna: +386 (0)80 11 17
Taxi Intertours: +386 (0)80 311 311
Taxi Društvo Ljubljana: +386 (0)1 234 9000

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