Slovenia holidays – Ljubljana

The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana. Ljubljana is not a typical capital city with high skyscrapers, heavy traffic all day long, Chinese district, people from everywhere and many troubles like polluted air and garbage on the street.

Ljubljana is a rather small city, with 300.000 citizens, many historical and also several modern buildings, with fresh air and clean streets.

Although Ljubljana is small compared to other Europe metropolis, it is the largest city in Slovenia.
Ljubljana is a place for tourists who like to enjoy modern city culture at daytime, but during the night they like peace. Because of Ljubljana?s littleness, Ljubljana is a very quiet city at night. That?s why Ljubljana is appropriate for families with little children.

But this doesn?t mean there is no night life in Ljubljana ? contrary! Ljubljana offers tourists and young people many parties, concerts of celebrities and for those who like to meet new people, many other places to hang out.

Ljubljana is also one of the safest cities in the world. According to Global Peace index ranking, Slovenia is world?s ninth safest country.

Historically, Ljubljana was established in the times of Roman Empire. Roman name for Ljubljana was Emona (there are remains of roman wall in the city center). Ljubljana continued developing its culture during the middle age ? therefore Ljubljana is culturally rich city. The main symbol of Ljubljana is medieval Ljubljana?s castle on castle hill of Ljubljana. When visiting Ljubljana, visit of the castle is also important because of the view it provides ? the whole city can be seen from it.

Citizens of Ljubljana are friendly and hospitable. That makes city even more attractive. Ljubljana also has its own, world famous university (University of Ljubljana) that is why Ljubljana also has many libraries. With several museums, Ljubljana can satisfy even most pretentious cultural fans. Owing to Slovenian catholic tradition, Ljubljana has many cathedrals as well.

When planning Slovenia holidays, Ljubljana is a must see. Once people see Ljubljana, they don?t want to go back home. If they don?t decide to stay, they take home some very pleasant memories.

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