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Slovenia is a beautiful country in central Europe, bordering Italy to the west, the Adriatic Sea to the southwest, Croatia to the south and east, Hungary to the northeast and Austria to the north. The official language in Slovenia is Slovenian language.The highest mountain in Slovenia is Mount Triglav (2864m). The capital city is Ljubljana (300.000 citizens). Slovenia is a member of European Union, the Eurozone (?), the Schengen area, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe, NATO, UNESCO, WTO and UN. According to Global Peace index ranking, Slovenia is 9th safest country in the world.

Slovenia is an attractive tourist country, because it offers a wide variety of landscapes in a tiny place ? Mediterranean in the southwest, Dinaric in the southeast, Pannonian in the northeast and Alpine in the northwest. The greatest thing is that you can enjoy all this at practically the same time ? distance between mountains and sea is only about 100 km (62 miles).

On the website Slovenia holidays I would like to present several aspects of tourism in Slovenia. Because of variety of landscapes Slovenia is appropriate for different people. For those of you who are planning to visit Slovenia in summer, there are many options. You can enjoy at the seaside, swim, take a walk on the beach, hire a boat or maybe just enjoy on the beach doing nothing. But there are many more options. Slovenia also has many rivers, advantageous for swimming and canoeing. Besides, summer is the best time to take a trip to Slovenian mountains and visit the main attraction of Slovenia ? Lake Bled with an island on it. There are also adrenalin facilities around Bled. If you don?t like walking upwards, you can take a walk in Prekmurje, the landscape in the northeast part of Slovenia.

Slovenia is also famous for the special landscape called Kras, with many caves. The most famous is Postojna cave (more than 28 million visitors so far).

But I?m sure there are many of you who want to visit Slovenia in winter. Slovenia offers many skiing facilities (ski trails, apartments). For those who want to swim in winter, there are also many thermal springs.

Some other facts about Slovenia (Slovenia facts):

Slovenia postal code: The postal code in Slovenia (or with other words Slovenia zip code) depends on the post office your place belongs. Click here to see the list of all postal codes in Slovenia by alphabetical order.

Slovenia money: From 1.1.2007, Slovenian national currency (Slovenian money) is Euro (?). Slovenia, like every other member of Eurozone, has its own coins with some national symbols.

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Slovenia flag: Slovenian flag is one of our national symbols. It is combined with three equal horizontal bands of white, blue and red (white is on top, blue in the middle and red at the bottom). In the upper half on the left side is Slovenian coat-of-arms. White part of the coat-of-arms stands for mount Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain. Two wavy blue lines are a symbol of Adriatic Sea and Slovenian rivers. Three six pointed golden stars were a symbol of Counts of Celje, Dynasty from Celje (Štajerska region). Counts of Celje were most powerful in 14th and 15th century.

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Slovenia map: Slovenian territory, if you take a good look, has a shape of a chicken. Here is the basic map of Slovenia:

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GDP Slovenia: Slovenian GDP per capita in 2008 was 18.367?.

This was a very brief description about some aspects of tourism in Slovenia (slovenia holidays). More information is available in other articles.

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