Rogla – Pohorje

This is a place where there is something new added each and every year. This touristic town is consistently in a process of construction it has been that way for about 30 year. Rogla gives so many choices for accommodation. There is even a regular bus line, which leads to Zreče which is a very famous place, because of its beautiful spa resort and wellness equipments that are being offered in its recognized hotels. It gives you a choice of a great number of possibilities even if it?s just for daily walks around viticulture areas or if it is for some visits to local attractions.

Rogla since 1997 has also been an Olympic center, where a good number of winter lovers find a lot of quality skiing and at 1500 meters above sea level they will also see a fully-equipped health resort, recreation center, and more. They hosted the Women Ski World Cup which is an annual Golden Fox event this place is very famous for that sport.


Pohorje is said to be one of the most attractive place in Slovenia. That is located on the south-west side. Its main attraction is the Zreško Pohorje with Rogla, and on the other side the Mariborsko Pohorje with Areh and Bolfenk.

Rogla is one of the highest mountains that is in Pohorje.

Rogla is not a too rich in the wellness that it offers, but it definitely has more possibilities to recreate compared to others. They have created many organized paths, which make Nordic walking, hiking and mountain biking possible in a 50 kilometers long area in Pohorje that is immediate vicinity for hotels there where there is a breath taking lookout tower.

It?s normal for guests to arrive by car or by any kind or transportation though its fine to just arrive by foot. Whatever it is that the guests prefer when he or she comes there will always be a place for him for there is more that 1000 parking space here. This is definitely a good place for action and relaxation so make sure that you put this place in your top 10 places to go this year!
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