Slovenia holidays ? Journey to Slovenia

  • February 20, 2011

Slovenia is reachable by car, motorcycle, train, bus or plane. Well, if you are fan of challenges, Slovenia can also be reachable by foot. And for sea lovers, Slovenia is also connected with world by sea.
My personal opinion and experience is that when you are in Slovenia, you must have a car or a motorcycle. It may be your own, if you visit Slovenia by car or motorcycle, but if you visit Slovenia by any other means of transport, I recommend renting one (if you didn?t arrive by motorcycle, you will probably want to rent a car).

Visiting Slovenia by car

From that point of view, if you are coming from nearby countries, the best way to organize your Slovenia holidays is travel to Slovenia by car. Slovenia has, in past few years, built a brand new motorway network. You may say that you hate traveling by car because of traffic jams. If you don?t arrive in Slovenia on Saturdays (in summer, otherwise day isn?t important), you most likely won?t have difficulties with too much traffic on our roads. From year 2008 we also have new motorway toll method ? vignettes for personal vehicle up to 3,5t. You have three options ? 7 day vignette for 15?, monthly vignette for 30? or annual vignette for 95? (prices are for personal vehicles ? cars and most of vans; prices are lower for motorcycles).

Slovenia holidays

Visiting Slovenia by train

Slovenia also has national rail network. Arriving to Slovenia by train may be a good option, but travel in Slovenia by train isn?t a good decision. Because of landscape variety, Slovenian trains are slow and it will take too long to get anywhere. Besides, you will miss beautiful sights on the way. So, even though you came to Slovenia by train, I suggest traveling in Slovenia by car.

Visiting Slovenia by airplane

If your home is far away from Slovenia, you will probably visit Slovenia by plane. Slovenia has two larger airports (well, in comparison to other European airports, both are very small). One is near Ljubljana (Letališče Jožeta Pučnika) and other near Maribor (Letališče Edvarda Rusjana). You have three major airline companies flying to Slovenia. Slovenian national airline is Adria Airways. Easy Jet flies from London to Ljubljana and Ryan Air flies from many European cities to Graz, Klagenfurt (Austria) or Venice (Italy) ? all these are near Slovenia (Graz and Klagenfurt less than an hour, Venice about three hours). When you will arrive to Slovenia, you will probably want to rent a car ? please reserve it before you go on a trip in order to save some money on the trip.

Visiting Slovenia by bus

Bus can be a good option if you are traveling to Slovenia with an organized group. If you are traveling alone, train is a better option (cheaper, faster). When you are traveling by bus, together with a group, you have much less travel worries ? but, also much less freedom. The choice is yours.

Travel to Slovenia by sea

There is a direct cruise line between Venice and Slovenia, driving from April to October.

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