Slovenia holidays – Slovenian countryside

  • February 19, 2011

Slovenia is definitely not an urbanized country. Majority of Slovenian territory is rural and therefore especially appropriate for hiking and cycling. But that isn?t all. Thanks to many Slovenian rivers, Slovenia is also famous for canoeing (rapids are present in majority of rivers in Slovenia, such as Kolpa, Sava, Krka, ?).

If you don?t like hotels, apartments and other similar kinds of accommodation in the cities, I recommend staying during your Slovenia holidays in one of two hundred Slovenian tourist farms. Tourist farms are normal farms with extra space for accommodation. They usually offer many things that hotels don?t ? for example traditional Slovenian food and wine. People running this farms are also very friendly and helpful. All this is available at low prices (usually lower than city accommodation). If you would like to get sight of Slovenian countryside while enjoying Slovenia holidays, tourist farms are definitely the right option. It is also a great opportunity to meet some local people ? don?t worry, most people, especially young, even in countryside speaks English.

Slovenian countryside

St. Thomas church on a winter morning

The other thing you might be interested in is trips to the mountains. Owing to variety of Slovenian landscapes, you can choose how high mountains you want. There are three different mountain ranges in Slovenia: Julian Alps, Dinaric Alps and Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Julian Alps are generally higher and more pretentious for hikers.

Watching beauty of Slovenian countryside from perspective of bicyclist is an unforgettable experience. I can?t tell you the best route to go to, because there are too many. I can on only tell you one fact ? cycling in Slovenia isn?t as easy as for example in Netherlands. Slovenian landscapes are hilly and from this perspective unfriendly to bikers. But, if you take that in consideration, you will enjoy.

Doesn?t matter where you are headed to, Slovenian countryside also has many great but still low budget restaurants, offering several kinds of food. If you decide for a meal in one of them, don?t forget to ask for original Slovenian wine. Contentment guaranteed!

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