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mapMost of the time people use maps to go to an unknown place so that they will have guide on where to go so that they will not get lost, it is the most accurate guide that is available right now and together with science it is getting more accurate and a lot more easier to go from one place to another without getting lost at all. There is also a science called Cartography that creates maps in a very precise way.

In the past the maps were very expensive that only a few can afford it and they were not even accurate back then, one map differ from another they were unique and they were drawn on different types of media like paper, papyrus or canvas, which could easily be destroyed. It was also only used by the military and the explorers back then so that they can go to other countries or unknown territories. Right now maps are very accurate that you can make a definite shape out of a certain place. The Slovenia map for example looks like a chicken and it would look that way in any other map nowadays.

Right now we even have the GPS (Global Positioning System) it is composed of 24 satellites in the orbit that was set by the US. It is a satellite course-plotting process, which enables us to know where we are anywhere in the globe with the precision of 10 meters, this was originally built for military purposes but it is now available to anyone who wants it. The Slovenia map for example on a GPS per capita in 2008 was 18.367. Now that is very accurate?.

In a GPS you can also get auto navigation which can give you landmarks of helpful places like hospitals, gas stations, malls etc. All you have to do is type the place on to where you want to be and it will locate it for you for it is all in its system?s memory. These days you can pretty much go anywhere without the fear of getting lost and that means, more fun!

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