Planning Slovenia holidays – Prices in Slovenia

  • February 24, 2011

One of the most important questions about holidays is ?How much is it going to cost?? If money is not a problem, you can just pack the bags and go on the road. However, most of us have to save money for travel and have to calculate the trip costs in order to know how much money we need for our holidays.  I?m writing this article to inform you about costs of some typical necessaries (Slovenia prices) in order to help you calculate costs of your Slovenia holidays.


When you arrive in Slovenia, your main concern will probably be to find a place to stay (if you haven?t reserve it in advance, which I recommend to do). The most expensive type of accommodation are hotels. Prices in more popular tourist resorts (Ljubljana, Bled, Postojna) start at 40?/night for single room (if you get a room at this price in high season you can be very happy) and can go very high in some fancy hotels. The average is about 60-80?/night for single room.

Another type of accommodation, especially in winter resorts, are apartments, which are usually 10 ? 20 % cheaper than hotels. Some of them are run by local families, which are very friendly and you may also be able to negotiate the price (when you make reservations).

Hostels are more and more popular among travelers, not just the young ones. Prices of hostels are much lower than hotel prices. You can get a great price if you are willing to share room with other people. Prices for one night in shared rooms start at 8?.

Camps are another option. In main season (summer) camps charge around 12?/night for one person, children pay half of the price (price is for camps at seaside), which means that an average family (parents with two children) will pay around 40?/night.

One of the best types of accommodation in Slovenia are tourist farms. It is hard to compare prices of tourist farms with other types of accommodation, because tourist farms usually aren?t located near ?hot spots?. The ones that are have higher prices, but an average price for staying at tourist farms is about 25?/night for one person, which includes breakfast. If you travel in a group (family, friends) and stay for more than two days, you can get really great prices (for example 35?/night for 4-bed room).


Rent a car prices in Slovenia start at 30?/day for smaller cars (such as Opel Corsa). Bigger cars are more expensive.

Public transport prices are a mystery for me too, because I never know how much am I going to pay:) For train prices in Slovenia look here.

Buses are faster, but more expensive than trains. Bus price also depends on the number of bus stops, which means that if bus stops 5 times on the way from Ljubljana to Maribor it will be more expensive than bus that stops 10 times. Usually buses with less stops drive on highway.

Prices of daily necessities

These are average prices. They can be higher in some tourist resorts or lower in some remote villages.

1 kilo of bread: from 1? – 3? (usually around 1.8?)
1 liter of petrol: 1.15? (the same price on all filling stations)
Cup of coffe: 1.20?
Daily paper: 1?
? liter of beer in a bar: 2.50? (1? in a supermarket)
2 dcl of cola in restaurant: 1.70? (0.80? in a supermarket)
Street snack: 2.50? (hot dog), 2? (pizza slice), 1.5? (burek)
Large classic pizza in a restaurant: 5.50?
? liter of water: 1? (restaurant), 0.50? (supermarket)
Souvenir T-shirt: 15?

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