Planica?s Ski Flying World Cup ? World Record

PlanicaWorld Cup Ski Flying event in Planica will start on March 3, 2011 and would end by March 20, 2011. This event is already like a tradition in Planica for it has been in existence for 75 years and it is being highly recommended by the country?s Tourist Board so if you would want to go somewhere make sure that that place is highly recommended by an entity that is recognized for you to not lose your money..

Just To give you a bit of information about Planica. It is a valley of ski-jumps that is beneath Ponce and when it?s time for winter to say goodbye. This place honors the world ski jumping kings and queens, with all her natural elegance and beauty. The entire event lasts for three complete days. More than 100,000 visitors come to watch and cheer and be entertained by the brave jumpers during this time of the year.

This exciting event will most likely start on the road, which will lead to the final destination at dawn, to the dangerously narrow entrance and then into the beautiful valley. The people from outside Planica visitors, like pilgrims, have slowly approached the joy and life changing experience of ski jumping. A record breaking number of fifteen hundred of them are ready and equipped with their accordions, and they are all ready to play Planica?s famous song. The bests and the gurus of ski jumping in exchange for the people?s warm welcome gives people back their best. They would seek the longest flights and jumps or they would attempt the best stunt that has ever been done. Maybe something that would be the first jump that would surpass one hundred and ten meters and that would be the best that has taken place in Planica, just like the first jump done that was over two hundred meters. These and more are possible because the world record of 239 meters by Bjoern Einar Romoeren has already taken place here? You have to be there for the next one or you will miss half of your lifetime.

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