Dolenjska and Novo mesto

Lower part of the former Carniola is now called Dolenjska; recently, it has been often named only as southeastern Slovenia. It extends from the Ljubljana Basin to the border with Croatia. It is separated from Styria with the river Sava on the north, from Croatia with the river Kolpa on the south and with the Bloke plateau on the west, where Notranjska begins. The southernmost part of Dolenjska with the largest city Črnomelj is called Bela Krajina. On the other side of the Kolpa River, Bela Krajina ends, as well as Slovenia.

Kolpa River,

The largest city and the capital of Dolenjska is Novo mesto (more than 20000 inhabitants), and the most significant river of the area is Krka, which is often named the beauty of Dolenjska. It springs far on west and flows through narrow valleys between viniferous hillocks (cviček). By the river, local people built many mills and saws, and even castles, which are now mostly in ruins. In sharp turn, Krka flows past Novo mesto and almost encircles Kostanjevica na Krki with a castle and the gallery of Božidar Jakac, and then outfalls to Sava by the town Brežice. The largest Slovenian medical factory, Krka, with headquarters in Novo mesto, is also named after that river. The factory is accompanied by two other large factories: car factory Revoz and factory of campers Adrija.

The highest and most known ?mountain range? in Dolenjska is Gorjanci, with 1178 meters high Trdinov vrh and healthy water spring at Gospodična. More remarkable than its height are the stories Bajke in povesti o Gorjancih, written by Janez Trdina.

Dolenjska and Novo mesto, From Ribnica to Bela Krajina

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